API unavailable


Several nights over the past week or so the API has been unavailable for around an hour just after midnight UTC. Is this expected or is it a temporary situation?

Many thanks in advance,

Andrew Stewart


Hi, Andrew.

Our logs are showing a lot of activity on our API during those periods. Additionally, none of our alerting has gone off. I’m not sure what the cause it but it doesn’t seem like the API.

If you have more information, we may be able to look into it more.


Hi Pat,

Thanks for the reply. How odd – I’ll post here again if I come up with any more information.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for bearing with us while we investigated. We did see a performance issue in our database just after midnight, due to the amount of API activity that occurs during that period - indeed we did get a couple of alerts

We’ve shipped a fix today, to make the API more responsive under load.

Many thanks,


Hi David,

I haven’t had any API-unavailable warnings since your fix. Thank you!