Api to paypal not showing feed

Hi all forgive me if I seem thick.
I’m not an accountant or a computer buff lol.

I have free agent set up and finding the whole thing quite daunting. I’m getting some help from s friend but could do with an online tutorial really.

It’s not great for novices to accounts. I have set up my own business and open in 4 weeks trying get it set up so that I can run PayPal alongside my bank feed ( which is working )

I have been into PayPal and added the free agent link and followed all the instruction on checking automatic feeds enabled etc. The PayPal link is there under my bank feed but it not feeding through any transactions. What is all this stuff about paths etc. And certificates. I followed instruction it’s there but no feeds ? Please help in a non jargon context of possible lol.

Hi there,

Great to hear you’re getting up and running with FreeAgent and don’t worry, we’re here to help with any teething problems!

You’ve actually posted on the support group for our API, where as your PayPal feed is pulling transactions from the PayPal API.
This is all to say, if you drop an email to our Superhero Support Team, support@freeagent.com, we’ll be able to help with your query!

I’ll ask the team to look out for your message :slight_smile:

Dave J