Api Not returning Newly Created Categories

When i create new Category under “Cost of Sales” , its not returned while using Api route v2/categories for that client.
The same old list with 41 categories are returned.
Can u resolve the issue asap?

Hi Vipin,

I’m sorry you are having trouble with the API. In order to investigate this issue, we’ll need the details of the FreeAgent account that you are using. Would you be able to email our support team (support@freeagent.com) with those and we’ll look into it for you?


Hi Donal,
I was able to resolve that error.But need some help with other issues that’s listed on this discussion forum but answered only to user’s mail box .

Can you let me know the resolution as same thing is happening with one of my clients.

Hi Vipin,

You will need to email the details of your application to support@freeagent.com, and they should be able to enable access for accountancy practices.