API Issue - authentication not working correctly and other issues

Hello there,

We have been having numerous issues with the API over the past couple of days.

Often the API is coming back with ‘Access token not recognised’. I am even getting this message when using postman and manually inputting an access token that has not expired.

Sometimes the API returns nothing (1 column titled ‘null’). These issues do not happen 100% of the time but happen extremely often.

Could you please look into this issue for me?

Best wishes,


Hi Ollie,

Welcome to the API Forum :wave: Steven here from Support Engineering at FreeAgent. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with the access token not being recognised.

For us to help you out further, we would require a little more information from you so that we can look into our logs and investigate what might be happening. Specifically, if you could provide exact timestamps of your queries to the API that are failing, the name of your app and the email you used to register your integration?

The best way to share this personal information with us is to open a support request by emailing us. Therefore, could you please email this information and your query to support@freeagent.com and mark your email for the attention of Support Engineering?

Once we have this, we’ll be happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Steven Wright
Support Engineer

I’ve sorted the problem! Time zones were causing some issues but all ok now. Thank you. API working great. I do have a question concerning PDF attachments however. Will create a new thread for that :grinning: