API Integration Scope

I am looking to create an integration with FreeAgent that fulfils the following:

My client wants to be able to pull all order information into their accounting platform, FreeAgent. Important order information for them is VAT and non VAT qualifying orders as well as the usual order information.

Is there an endpoint in the FreeAgent API that I can use to create the integration described above?

Many Thanks,

Hi Jack,

I’m one of the FreeAgent engineers.

There’s a couple of different ways this could be done depending on what kind of orders you are integrating.

If it’s orders that the client has received and are charging for you could record them as invoices using the invoices endpoint. There’s a flag on invoices involves_sales_tax to indicate whether VAT is included and you can include an amount of VAT with sales_tax_value.

Alternatively, if it is orders your client needs to pay you could use the billing endpoint which also has a field for sales_tax_value.

Hope that helps but let us know if you need more.

Im looking at the invoices endpoint and its really hard to read and understand what its offering, what kind of request is this? What kind of authentication is required etc.

Hi Jack,

We use OAuth for authenticating the API. This is covered in detail on the page entitled OAuth in the menu. There are some “quickstart” steps too though that would get you moving.

Once you have a request successfully authenticating you’d probably be looking at the API request to list invoices. There are various options you can pass in on there but you might want to get all paid invoices using a request like https://api.freeagent.com/v2/invoices?view=paid to get back all paid invoices. You’d then loop over those to find invoices that did, or didn’t, have an amount recorded in the sales_tax_value attribute.