Additional Invoice Filters

Is it possible to filter invoices on additional attributes e.g. bank_account.
Are there any filters in addition to those listed below?
all: Show all invoices (default)

  1. recent_open_or_overdue: Show only recent, open, or overdue invoices.
  2. open: Show only open invoices.
  3. overdue: Show only overdue invoices.
  4. open_or_overdue: Show only open or overdue invoices.
  5. draft: Show only draft invoices.
  6. scheduled_to_email: Show only invoices scheduled to email.
  7. thank_you_emails: Show only invoices with active thank you emails.
  8. reminder_emails: Show only invoices with active reminders.
  9. last_N_months: Show only invoices from the last N months.