Add Freetext field and/or Tags on Contacts for better housekeeping, e.g. comments/notes/tags/source


I would like to request a simple freetext field on contacts to allow better admin/data management/housekeeping. An alternative, perhaps better, option would be the ability to ‘tag’ the contact, as this could/would allow filtering. Both would allow the most flexibility.

Use case: We’re currently using the API to create contacts/invoices from multiple systems. It would be desirable to include which system created the contact, so our bookkeeping/accountant team can identify the source of the contact/sale. e.g. ‘shopify’

I can’t see an option for this on contacts, I can on invoices (comments).

Many Thanks.


Both Contacts and Projects have a Notes which can be used this way. It’s not ideal as it is an extra API call but we use them for exactly this too if that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Dogsbody!

Missed that one. As you say, not perfect, but a workable solution! :wink: