Accountancy Practices API

We have just got an Accountancy Practices sandbox account activated. During the last couple of weeks before this was turned on, we could complete the OAuth process fine. Since updating the account to Accountancy Practices enabled, I get the following error;
“This app is only for accountants. Please get in touch with the author of the application you’re trying to approve.”

Are there different approval endpoints for regular clients compared to Accountancy Practices?

Does the accountancy still go through the same oAuth approval to grab the access token?

Since our account was upgrade to the accountancy practice type. I tried creating a new sandbox account, which is just a singular business. Still getting the same error, not sure why it’s happening now after working for the last three weeks of development

Hi Tim,

The error message that you’ve sent looks like you are trying to authorise your integration via a standard, client-facing FreeAgent account, rather than a Practice Dashboard. If your integration has had the option “Enable Accountancy Practice API” checked during setup for it to use the “Accountancy Practice API”, the integration is then termed “practice enabled” and must be authorised by an account manager through a practice dashboard account. Once enabled through a Practice Dashboard, your integration should be able to make queries to the client companies linked to said dashboard.

If an integration doesn’t have the Accountancy Practice API enabled, it is termed as “company enabled” and is instead authorised through a standard FreeAgent account, e.g. client facing if they are on a Practice Dashboard.

If you have changed your integration from company enabled to practice enabled, you will instead need to have it authorised via an account manager on the practice dashboard, rather than a user on a client company.

I hope this helps.

Andrew Rodger
Support Engineer