Accountancy practice API client updated date

I am on the sandbox environment using the /v2/clients/ Api endpoint.

According to the documentation you can use the updated_since parameter to specify which records you would like to see. While testing this I have updated the client status of a record from Inactive License to Active License and then Closed License, however the updated_at field of the record does not change.

Is this behaviour expected? This would mean that the only way to see status changes would be to request records without using the updated_since parameter meaning that it becomes less useful.

Hi Billy,

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Yes this is expected behaviour for this attribute. This endpoint provides a summary of your clients, and each client includes a selection of parameters from multiple objects associated with the company. For example, the status of the company is retrieved from the Subscription object, wheres the updated_at value is from the Company object. Therefore, when you’re updating the company’s status, you are updating the Subscription object for that client. This process makes no changes to the Company object itself, and therefore the updated_at value does not change.

I can see how the ability to filter your clients by when their status was updated can be useful for you, so I will raise this as a feature request with the relevant team.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Katie,

Thanks for your reply. I would definitely like to see the updated_since parameter be able to take into account a change in any of the fields returned by the clients endpoint.

Until then we will have to continue to load data for all clients to detect changes in their status.

When this feature is requested, can it also be added to the request that a change to any of the fields in the clients endpoint should be taken into account by using the updated_since parameter? I don’t know if there are any other fields aside from the status which currently don’t trigger the updated_at field to change if they come from a different object.