Accessing additional company fields

Hi all,

Is there a unique ID number for the company rather than the generic url?


Hi @BrianSmith,

Thanks for your question! What extra information are you expecting to see from the GET that you are not currently getting? There are no further parameters you can supply to the company endpoint that will give you different data; you are currently seeing everything it can send to you.

Let us know if there’s something missing! To give a bit more detail:

The FreeAgent API is company-centric. You may know when you want to use the API, FreeAgent requires an authorised OAuth2 token exchange which is for one company. This grants your API integration access to that specific company.

Once this token exchange has been authorised all requests to the API understand which single company they are operating against. That’s why the GET request can give details for that company without any more specific information, and likewise why a GET request only shows invoices from that company.

As I said, let us know what you’re expecting to see, and we can find out if we supply the information elsewhere, or if there’s something else we may be able to do to help.

Best regards,