Access token not recognised


When trying to import a Trial Balance from FA to Capium Accounting software, the accountant was presented with the ‘Access token not recognised’ message. Any suggestions as to why this happened and how we can quickly resolve?

Many thanks!


Hi, Capium.

Do you get that error any other time? Are you using a practice-enabled token? Are they able to authenticate normally?

We have no immediate answer for that as there are a lot of different variables and conditions in play.


Hi Pat,

We only get that error when importing the trial balance from FA to Capium, we are using a practice-enabled token and they are able to authenticate normally.

Additionally, we use a Refresh tokens and we have the Accountancy Practice API enabled.

Let me know if you need further details.



Interesting. Can you tell me the url you’re hitting and I’ll check it out.


Hi Pat,

Sorry for the late response, please clarify what you mean by the url we’re hitting.




The path of the api endpoint you’re having trouble with and any parameters you’re passing in.