"Access token not recognised" error

Last week we had a bunch of 401 {"errors":{"error":{"message":"Access token not recognised"}}} errors back from the FreeAgent API when calling the POST /bank_transactions/statement endpoint across multiple organisations. This sounds like a permanent auth error (ie the token has expired or been revoked by the user) but it seems to actually be transient, with the access token becoming valid again a few hours/days later. Is this expected behaviour?


Hi David,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you in this thread.

No, we wouldn’t expect that the same access_token would intermittently return a 401 error, that’s very strange indeed. Can I ask, are these requests all coming from the same hosts or are you making requests from several different servers? Is it possible one or more of the servers have a corrupt / invalid copy of the access_token?

Are you still seeing these problems today and, if so, could you please provide some further troubleshooting information using this post as a guide?

Dave J