Ability to edit an invoice without having to remove a payment first

My invoices are a total balance due with a deposit element.

Like this:

Example product

  • List item Balance £200 - due 31/12/22

  • List item deposit £50 - due now

I have to leave the invoice in draft status when I send so I can edit the description to remove the above when receiving payment (as it is no longer relevant)

Also, if a customer changes their event date (it happens al lot during pandemic, I work in events) after I have received a deposit payment, I then have to remove the payment from the bank, make draft then edit the balance payment due date.

It’s really long winded to do this, simply enabling ‘edit’ would be helpful - Quickbooks online has this feature, there is no problem editing an invoice after it has been created with a payment receipt.

I spoke to someone at Freeagent about this a while ago and their answer was ‘you shouldn’t have the ability to edit an invoice once it’s been created’ which I found a bit ridiculous, it’s my business and this attitude and approach would mean I have to create 2 invoices for the customer which is essentially the same thing.

Please can we edit invoices and payment due dates without having to remove any previous payments?

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As you’re aware, we unfortunately don’t currently support this functionality but I can fully appreciate how useful this would be for you and I will pass this on to our Product team.

This forum is designed to provide help and guidance for our API developers, so it’s generally best to raise these requests via our Support team, support@freeagent.com in future.

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