504 errors part 2

So apparently, sending more than 3 replies on a thread is blocked. Means I’m having to start a new thread to continue. Weird.

Original thread.

My continuation…

Hi Katie,

Wondering still if you can help us bulk delete all empty contacts?

Separately, we’ve put in a queue system at our end that sends requests to your invoices endpoint. That’s helped enormously with the time-out problem.

However, we did have a recent situation where two identical invoices were created because we didn’t get the response back in time that it had successfully marked an invoice as sent. So our queue thought “oh, it’s failed, better try again to create and send an invoice.”

The first invoice did actually send, meaning that the customer received two invoices in the end.

We can see in the log that the request to the Freeagent endpoint timed out.

Not sure if you can help with this?