502 bad gateway against expenses API in sandbox

I’ve been doing some testing against the sandbox environment and a relatively frequently I have been receiving errors on some requests. The one I caught was against the expenses and I got a 502 bad gateway response which returned a maintenance.

Is this something that I should expect to see on the sandbox environment frequently?

Should I expect similar behaviour against the live API?

Hi Jonathan,

In short, you should expect to see these errors sometimes on our sandbox environment but not on the live production site where we maintain a high standard of uptime.

Our sandbox environment is a very lightweight and small environment, so these errors appear during automated deployments of the FreeAgent site many times a day. On our production site we handle continuous deployment much more gracefully, with multiple redundant systems and sites.

Looking at our last few deployments to the sandbox, they’d have raised errors for about 25-30 seconds while it ran.

Please let us know if this becomes an issue for you and we can see about fixing it.



Just to let you know that we’ve expanded the sandbox environment so you shouldn’t see 502 responses during our deployments from now on. I hope that helps your testing.


Hi Domnic,

Thanks for letting me know of that change. Will bear that in mind for future development.