Zapier API Integration Example?

Hi all,

I am experimenting with creating a link between Zapier and Freeagent. My end goal is to be able to automatically create a new invoice using details included in a purchase order PDF sent to a specific mailbox. In theory it’s all doable.

So far, I’ve got the API connected to Zapier and have got it to Poll details from FA. However, when I try to POST something back to FA (a new contact as a test) I get an authentication error.

Are there any examples of how a simple action should be set up in Zapier that anyone would be willing to share with me?

Big thanks!

Hello bennage,

Strange that auth works for GET’ing and not POST’ing.

I think I would start by looking at the OAuth redirect URI in zapier dashboard for your zapier app, and then check that is added to the OAuth redirect URIs in your Freeagent app in the developers dashboard.

Next you may need to look at the query string on the Redirect URI when attempting to post something - it may be related to this post -

I do a similar thing with bills and zapier so it should work. Let us know how you get on you may need to post the string that is failing authentication with the private bits censored.


I had an issue with my integration which turned out to be a change in methodology that wasn’t properly documented, and my error sounds similar. My code worked perfectly in the sandbox, but wouldn’t work in the live environment, and it turns out you HAVE to set the OAUTH Redirct URI in the App setting in the developer dashboard.

The only place I found this referred to was here: Forthcoming API OAuth Restriction change

If it is this, please complain to them as they said they would update the docs, and as far as I can tell, they haven’t yet. I wasted at least a day on this.