"unknown attribute 'category' for BankAccountEntry"


I am trying to add a new Bank transaction via the API and am getting the following error:

unknown attribute ‘category’ for BankAccountEntry.

At the same time, omitting the category element returns an error saying the parameter is required (as expected):

category can’t be blank

Here’s the request body I’m sending:


Does anyone has an idea on what’s wrong? Thanks! :heart:

Nevemind, I solved it.

Turns out adding a gross_value parameter made the previous error go away. The validation error message is misleading though; why would it ever complain that category is an unknown attribute? If gross_value is required I would think it would complain about that instead.


Thanks for updating us, and we’ll add a ticket for this to look into the misleading error message.

Sorry for the confusion it caused.

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