The redirect URI is invalid for this app

Hello all,

suddenly my report feature has stopped working without having changed anything.

After approving my application i get following error message.

Sorry, there’s been a problem

The redirect URI is invalid for this app. Please get in touch with the author of the application you’re trying to approve.

I found some threads about HTTP/S and enabled thereafter HTTPS to make sure, that this is not the issue… but still getting the same error using

Does anyone have any idea what is gong on recently?



I think i am better understand the issue. FreeAgent introduced since February 2017 the “Redirect URI” parameter, but i assume the logic is buggy

When i open my application with following URL

Then FreeAgent tries to redirect after approval to

The parameter “response_type” is append to the URL from FreeAgent and makes my URL invalid

using the URL with parameters generates

results after approval into

I tried to get around that by using for “Redirect URI” settings

but nothing works so far, any suggestions?

Hi Andreas

I think you may be experiencing the same issue that we are (see: Potential issue with app approvals in FreeAgent production (works in sandbox)).

FreeAgent can’t seem to handle query strings in the redirect_uri very well. If you need to pass parameters around, you might want to consider hex-encoding them into a single value, i.e. expenses.php?<hex-encoded-query-string>.


i kind of solved the issue by always sending the same hard-coded redirect url e.g.

without any query string. I believe the introduced “Redirect URI” setting is not working so well when a query string is attached. That is very sad! Hopefully they can fix it someday