Permissions issue with getting user and project names

Hi Andrew,

Can you give me some more information? What do you need the list of
project names and ids for?

Each user should be able to access their own information including name:


Kind regards,

GraemeOn 19 July 2012 10:37, Andrew Fenn wrote:

I am logged in as a user with the following:

[role] => Employee
[permission_level] => 2

Getting a list of projects gives me the 403 “You are not allowed to
access this action.”

This is fine however I need to be able to get a list of project names and
the id’s which doesn’t seem to be possible in any way? I don’t see any harm
in giving out just the project name for lower permission users?

I’m having the exact same problem with the /users api. I can’t get the
user’s name without higher permissions.


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