More API weirdness

Hi there

Obviously, from all the emails, I’ve been working on my C# client for
the FA api :slight_smile:

So far, I have a client and unit tests for:

Users: works, but I can’t POST/PUT due to [1]
Projects: works, but I can’t POST/PUT due to [1]
Contacts: works
Company: works
BankAccount: works, but I can’t POST/PUT due to [1]
Categories: works (read only, and can only get the list, not a single
one by name - [2])
Invoice: Mostly working except for the problem in my last email [3]
Tasks: Works, but I can’t POST/PUT due to [1]
Timeslip: works

Still got expenses to go before I can start applying it properly to mobileAgent.

[1] this is the “url”:"" or “url”:null on create (POST) issue. I might
be able to parse the json on the way out, but thats messy. Any ETA
on a fix for this?? (ie, POST ignores the url, as it should for an

[2]: why is this broken up into admin/CoS etc? Why not one big list,
with maybe a filter (type=cost_of_sales), and put the type into the
item? It makes the single get with ID difficult - I have to know what
the code I’m passing (eg “001”) actually IS - in terms of which type
of category it is - when I try to work with it.

[3]: This is the "how do I GET a list with the invoice_items present,
not just GET invoice/ID (one call for each item, ouch, slow!)

Any help, esp on 1 and 3, would be great. Finding a lot of these
inconsistencies and other undocumented bits has been rather



Nic Wise
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