Include updated_at attribute in Bank Transaction Explanations

Is there any chance of including the updated_at attribute in the responses
for more of the entities? Specifically I’d love to see it included in Bank
Transaction Explanations.

The support for ‘sort by’ updated date doesn’t cover all the entities, and
I can’t query by updated_at, which means I’m having to process way more
data than I really need to. If the returned objects at least included the
updated_at I could skip over any with an updated_at date that is earlier
than my last fetch time.

In an ideal world (if you collect stats on these requests), being able to
query by updated_a is what we would really like, as at the moment we could
be fetching 1000+ Bank Transaction Explanations (paginated, of course) when
nothing has actually changed since the last fetch (and, of course, the same
is true of other entities).