Hackweek stuff - FieldAgent

Hi Folks

First up, FieldAgent looks great, and I’m kicking my
two-years-ago-self for not thinking of that name!

The second screenshot (this month’s cashflow) is something that people
have been asking for in MobileAgent for ages - is there any chance
you can expose that as part of the /company endpoint? Just something

“company_details”: {
“month”: 8, “year”: 2012, “incoming”: 12345, “outgoing”: 555.66
“month”: 7, “year”: 2012, “incoming”: 4455.99, “outgoing”: 555.66
“month”: 6, “year”: 2012, “incoming”: 55566,“outgoing”: 555.66
“income_ytd”: 123456.00,
“expenses_ytd”: 555667.00,
“corptax_ytd”: 34556.00,
“dividends_ytd”: 12345.00

Read only, of course :slight_smile:



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