Getting bank transaction inlcuding VAT information via API, Possible?

Hi, first of all I have to say, that I am not a developer. I’d like to
become a Freeagent user. We live in Austria and we do* Cash Accounting*.
That means, that we book bills and invoices the day they are being paid.
Unfortunatley we have to use the universal plan from Freeagent, that does
not provide Cash Accounting. It books invoices and bills the day they are
being issued.

So what we are desperate to know is:
Is it possible to program a script that retrieves data from Freeagent and
populates a list that incluedes transaction dates, sums AND VAT information
of all the transactions, including invoices and bills? Does the API provide
these informations?

Bye the way, if you habe to be a programmer, interested in writing this
script for us, please get in touch with me.