FreeAgent API - Expenses - Inquiry does not return all expenses / Billed expenses are ignored!

Dear Expert,

we invested quite some time to develop an expenses report for our
accounting using your FreeAgent API. Unfortunately we just realised in the
end, that your interface does not return us all expenses as expected. <>

We perform as example following call
But the provided results are only expense entries, which *have not yet been
billed to clients *( at least that’s how it looks like). However, that
makes it for us completely a nightmare, as we are unable to extract the
desired data.

Is there some kind of un-documented parameter, which we have to use to be
able to get all entries for the desired time period?

This is urgent, than you for your help in advance.




It looks like I some of the “missing” expenses returned, but only if I
request it for a specific month



but if i request data for the whole year, then expenses disappear.

Why is that happening?

I forgot following information:

The App-ID is n67vg2fsGCCW4mMoTwwhJw

and I am going straight against our production system.

Ok, issue solved…

Problem was, that only max. 100 items are returned per request. I had to
use the “page” and “per_page” parameters to inquiry step by step the whole

As of some other comments here, the system was supposed to return a Link in
the header… but the link was empty.