Fetch multiple invoices, by a filter?


We like many others I’m sure use a CRM system to collate our information, and we want to update our CRM when an invoice is paid with various pieces of data.

My concern is that currently, I cannot see a way to fetch multiple invoices in a single API request unless I get them all. Which isn’t going to work if an invoice has been paid in the system…

I’m conscious that due to the number of invoices we will raise, that creating even a simple script will break API rate limits if we fetch them one at a time by their ID (which we save in our CRM when we create the invoice).

Is there a way to fetch multiple invoices in a single API call, by providing their id’s e.g


Many thanks for any help, or suggestions about how best to change the approach.

Hi Graeme :wave:

What would the criteria be for the collection of invoices you’d be interested in querying? Although our API doesn’t allow you to specify multiple ids of records to return, the GET /v2/invoices endpoint has a number of filters that narrow down the response – could any of them be of help?

Best wishes,