Czech Republic country name is different - now Czechia

The Czech Republic is no longer called that. It is now Czechia.

So if I set a contact’s country to “Czech Republic” the API silently sets it to “United Kingdom”. Big deal?

Yes. Because we use the contact’s country then to determine VAT MOSS taxes. It fails because United Kingdom isn’t applicable.

Fix: If someone tries to set either “Czech Republic” or “Czechia” on a user profile, you support both and set it correctly as such on the Contact’s details. Not just arbitrarily set it to UK


Hi, ptgnet.

Thanks for letting us know about this and sorry you ran into it. We’ll create a card for it internally and get it looked at.

Great, thanks for getting back.

While you’re creating cards, can someone also create a card and address this problem at some point, too?

Many thanks!

Will do, thanks ptgnet!

Great, delighted it’ll be addressed. Thanks!

So this problem has come up again. Now the country is Slovakia.

It is no longer officially called Slovakia, as it is now Slovak Republic.

I use VAT Moss extensively along with the API. So when I create and set a contact’s country to either Czechia or Slovak Republic, we’re ultimately getting API errors because the contact’s country is silently set to United Kingdom and so VAT Moss invoices break.

This problem, along with all the others I’ve reported and have long-since been ignored, is real

I’m tired.