Creating Mileage Expense

I use this (in c#)

public enum VehicleType
Car = 0,
Motorcycle = 1,
Bicycle = 2

the easiest way I’ve found to work out what the api wants, is to make
something in the web ui, then GET the item out using the api, and
follow the json you get back.On 3 May 2013 15:11, wrote:


We new to freeagent API. Been trying to create a mileage post using the
required fields per the documentation. However, the error message (422) is
vehicle_type is not valid. We have duly added (though not specified as
required in the API), - vehicle_type: “Car” - error message 404 "
resource not found"

Any guidance would be great

Do we need to create the vehicle types or are they preset , if creation is
need how is this done?


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