Cannot trigger 429 when testing rate limits


I am trying to breach the rate limits in the sandbox using the X-RateLimit-Test header described here.

I expected to hit the limit after 5 requests within 1 minute but I didn’t. I hit the endpoint in the link above 10 times in 10 seconds, several times, and all the responses were returned normally.

Please could you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance,

Andy Stewart

I am also not able to hit the rate limits with or without the additional header.
I have tried 140 requests in 25 seconds, still no joy.

Goes it without saying that this is being done against the sandbox API, has the rate limiting been implemented in the sandbox API so it can be tested or is it only in the live API?

for the testing header i have tried both
X-RateLimit-Test: true
X-RateLimit-Test: ‘true’
just in case a string was expected instead.

I am seeing rate limits hit on the live api, it makes it hard to resolve without being able to reproduce the issue on dev.


Hey @ChrisC and @Andrew_Stewart,

Apologies for taking a while to get back to you Andrew, and thanks for confirming Chris. We’ve just investigated this and it turns out that an update in the last month removed this feature on sandbox. We’ve re-enabled it and are now able to trigger the limits ourselves.

Do let us know if you continue to see problems triggering this on sandbox, and my apologies again.


Thanks James, i can confirm that i can now hit the rate limit on dev (5 requests per 60 seconds) when using the header.
I haven’t tested anything else yet.

Thanks @James_Bell. I can trigger the rate limit in the sandbox now.