Attachments and Contacts

Hi everyone

In the latest release of FreeAgent we have added support for managing
Attachments via the API. Here’s the official documentation:

Hopefully you’ll find it straightforward to use. We still consider
this a Beta release so if you come across a problem just post a
message to the group and we’ll do our utmost to resolve it quickly.

We have also made another change which is rather significant and may
affect you. You might have noticed that Clients have been renamed
Contacts throughout FreeAgent. This change has also been reflected in
the API. The change will only affect the name of the resource, so
it’s pretty much a 1-for-1 change from the word ‘client’ to ‘contact’
in the XML. The relevant sections of the API which are affected are: (client_id becomes

Let us know how you get on, and of course don’t hestitate to us know
of any issues you encounter.


Perfect, thanks for the heads up, Olly.