Anybody shed some light?

im trying to find a way to pull weekly spends from projects automatically in a xmls format that can either give me a final number that can just be referenced in a spreadsheet straigt from free agent or another way would be to just pull it into its own spreadsheet and i can then reference it in the main one. any ideas?

How do you define spends? Invoices, or bills perhaps?

Hi andrew, yes spends would be defined as transactions/bills explained that have been linked to a project… i have a spreadsheet that you could take a look at, it would give you a better idea of what it is im trying to achieve?

@Daniel_O_Keefe I’m now in a position to tackle this (with DoubleAgent) so yes, please do send over a spreadsheet.

Hi Andrew, that’s great news… have you got a preferred way I can get the spread sheet to you? Maybe if your on any live chat platforms I could talk you through it? I’m sure you’ll get the gist but if you have any questions…

Just email it to me ( Not on chat but I can always email you back…